Hi. I’m J.C. Bruce–journalist and the author of a series of books recounting the misadventures of Alexander Strange, a weird news columnist for Tropic🌀Press who writes the eponymous The Strange Files.

Phoenix newspaper columnist Alexander Strange enjoys his job writing about news of the weird, but his own life becomes bizarre when shots riddle his uncle’s Scottsdale, Arizona home. Who would want Superior Court Judge Leonard Dwayne Skousen dead? And why? Strange has twenty-four hours to find the answers or he’ll have a death on his hands. Maybe his own.”

“Do you believe in mermaids?” Those were the dead man’s final words to his sister, who is convinced her brother was murdered in Key West. Alexander Strange can’t resist her plea to investigate. Donald Wilson was studying sharks who eat submarine phone lines when he drowned. Mermaids? Cable-munching sharks? Yeah, that sounds like fun. Until the bullets start flying.

Alexander Strange is sipping a Cuba Libre and munching grouper balls when a naked, faceless body surfaces near his dry-docked fishing trawler in Goodland, Florida, where he has recently moved. Ordinarily, this would be fodder for his weird news column, but this is different. He knows who she is. And her death could be his fault.