Gun Protest

The Lessons of Dayton

The Lessons of Dayton New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof has recycled a two-year-old column in the wake of the El Paso and Dayton mass murders in which he points out the unsurprising correlation between gun ownership and gun deaths. Since Kristof first penned this article, dozens of mass murders have taken place around the country while…


Storms in the Dead of Night

Storms in the Dead of Night FORT BRAGG, N.C. – It’s the dead of night and we’re standing in a flatbed truck in the middle of a thunderstorm watching tracer fire streak past us on both sides. The tracers glow a bright, luminescent green through our night vision goggles. In fact, everything is green, just…

Big Stick

Aboard a City at Sea

Aboard a City at Sea They call it a COD. It’s a noisy, smelly, albatross of an airplane the Navy uses to shuttle cargo and sailors from shore to aircraft carriers at sea. On a perfect morning in April, three CODs cranked up their powerful twin turboprops on the tarmac of the Naval Air Station…


NORAD Keeps Eye on the Sky

NORAD Keeps Eye on the Sky COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – We were deep inside Cheyenne Mountain, buried beneath thousands of feet of solid granite designed to protect us from nuclear holocaust.NORAD Keeps Eye on the Sky On the big-screen TV monitors at the front of the Command Center, a missile launched from the Korean peninsula…