Recalling the Big Wind

Recalling the Big Wind Julie Weindel still has the two tickets to the Xenia High School play she bought for her parents 30 years ago. They never got to see her perform. It was a Wednesday afternoon and Julie – then Julie Smith – and a handful of fellow cast members of The Boyfriend (described…


Golfing with Hugh

Golfing with Hugh NOCONA, TX. – Playing golf with Hugh Martin was as much an Easter egg hunt as a round on the links. At least I always thought of it that way. Hugh was frugal, and the idea of losing a golf ball was simply unacceptable to him. Which was why, in addition to…


Don’t Super Size Me

Don’t Super Size Me So there I was, in the drive-through line at my favorite Scottish restaurant, when the scratchy voice on the squawk box asked if I wanted cheese on the breakfast biscuit I just ordered. Sure, I responded impulsively. After all, it’s only another 30 cents and a bazillion extra fat calories, why…