Golfing with Hugh

Golfing with Hugh NOCONA, TX. – Playing golf with Hugh Martin was as much an Easter egg hunt as a round on the links. At least I always thought of it that way. Hugh was frugal, and the idea of losing a golf ball was simply unacceptable to him. Which was why, in addition to…


Don’t Super Size Me

Don’t Super Size Me So there I was, in the drive-through line at my favorite Scottish restaurant, when the scratchy voice on the squawk box asked if I wanted cheese on the breakfast biscuit I just ordered. Sure, I responded impulsively. After all, it’s only another 30 cents and a bazillion extra fat calories, why…


Marcus the Greatest

Marcus the Greatest This is the story of Marcus the Greatest. And young love. And heartbreak. It’s also the story of a grandmother’s gift and the power of a talisman. Marcus is 21 years old and lives in Cincinnati. Everyone knows him as “The Greatest” because that’s what he calls himself. And there’s some justification…