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This is the official website of J.C. Bruce, journalist, essayist, and author of The Strange Files series of mysteries. Here you can find the latest blog posts, how to order books, samples of Alexander Strange's columns, FAQs, and signups for the free newsletter.

The Strange Files Books in Order

The Strange Files

A missing dog. Deadly scorpions. And a haboob. They all conspire to make for a strange adventure. Order now.


Alexander Strange finds himself in the Devil's Millhopper. But can he get out? Order now.


What do grouper balls and faceless corpses have in common? Weirdness. Order now.

Strange Currents

Gold Medal winner in the annual Royal Palm Literary Awards. Alexander Strange is literally over his head in Key West.   Order now.


Winner of the Silver Medal for Best Mystery by the Florida Writers Association. Alexander Strange is in search of the vigilante Mister Manners.  Order now.

Kirkus Reviews

Bruce’s prose is consistently crisp and controlled, and the tension between the various characters is genuinely entertaining throughout. A charming and suspenseful page-turner punctuated by dashes of the surreal.

Online Book Club

Florida Man by J.C. Bruce will take you on a pleasant ride. It is full of twists and turns. It is simultaneously mystery and comedy…It’s a unique and entertaining plot. The dialogue was my favorite part of the novel… I would recommend this book to fans of mystery, murder, and mayhem… Those who do give it a try are sure to be as hooked as I am on the adventures of Alexander Strange.

Florida Writers Association

This story has the feel of a dark Florida river chock-full of weird creatures and bizarre surprises as it winds its way through swamps to somewhere wonderfully strange.

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