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Big Brother is Watching. His Name is Samba

Big Brother is Watching. His Name is Samba

You’re in your living room minding your own business, watching Love It or List It on your smart TV.

You think you’re alone, but you’re not.

Inside the TV, staring at you, is an evil wizard. His name is Samba, and he’s keeping a record of everything you watch, every channel you change.

Where’d this evil wizard come from? He’s built right into that new big screen you’re so proud of.

Big Brother, who’s already been spying on us in social media, is now in your house.

A disturbing report in The New York Times explains all this. But there is good news: Samba–the name of the company that builds the spying software installed on your television–can be blocked.

Here’s the lowdown, and what you can do to PRESERVE YOUR PRIVACY.


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