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Politics Not Immune From Florida’s Weirdness. It’s a ‘Cavalcade of Stupid’

Just how crazy has Florida politics become this year?

Here’s what a Republican consultant, Rick Wilson, has to say:

“Florida politics has always been as weird as Florida in general, but this year has seen a Twilight Zone level of campaign screw-ups, oddball candidates, post Republican Trumpers in all their lunatic glory, edge cases, easily debunked fraudsters and a cavalcade of stupid.”

We have one politician accusing another of making a living by “sphincter bleaching.” There have been claims of genetically defective breast milk and phony college diplomas.

So far, no one has been accused of matriculating while in college, but the political season is still young.

Associated Press veteran reporter Gary Fineout offered this wonderful story wrapping up  this political zaniness.


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