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Oldies But Goodies From The Strange Files

Southernmost pointIf you’re at all familiar with Key West, you know this spot and, most likely, have taken a selfie in front of it.

It’s the southernmost point buoy, allegedly erected, as the name implies, in the most southern corner of the continental United States.

That’s not exactly accurate. You can go even further south on the beach at nearby Fort Zachary Taylor Park, but, hey, this is Florida and things often are not as they seem.

For instance, what seems to be a perfectly normal photograph really isn’t. Notice something odd?

Something missing?

That something is tourists–thanks to the coronavirus outbreak and the mandatory closing of all hotels and restaurants in the Keys. In fact, in an effort keep tourists from gathering around the monument, authorities covered it with a blue tarp.

So what you see here is the southernmost marker in happier, less claustrophobic, untented times.

Happier times are not what Alexander Strange is about these days. He’s stuck aboard his converted fishing trawler, the Miss Demeanor, in an out-of-the-way marina near downtown Key West, waiting for the quarantine to be lifted.

With time to kill, he’s been digging through is old files of story ideas, clippings from newspapers and news services that he’s stashed over the years for use in case actual reporting was inconvenient.

Inconveniences historically have included attacks of slothfulness, sleepovers, hangovers, and similar distractions.

So, he’s started posting these nuggets. Partly to clean out his files, mostly for your amusement. You can read them starting today on www.Tropic.Press.

Here’s a link to the installment of these oldies but goodies from The Strange Files.


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