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Florida Man Review: Give It a Try and You’ll be Hooked

Florida Man

Florida Man … is full of twists and turns. It is simultaneously mystery and comedy. It was a delight to read.”

Just received a review of Florida Man from the Online Book Club.

Here are some excerpts:

“The state of Florida is known for its unusual people and the extraordinary news stories that those characters produce. That is why Alexander Strange is headed to Florida to live on his uncle’s boat and to report on the strange news he discovers there. Before starting his new life, however, Alex stops along the way to help his friend with a stalker problem she’s having. Along with a psychic from New Orleans and a cast of quirky characters, Alex and his friend, Tess, try to piece together a puzzle of clues that a madman is leaving them all around Florida. 

“Florida Man by J.C. Bruce will take you on a pleasant ride. It is full of twists and turns. It is simultaneously mystery and comedy. Part of the fun is trying to solve, right along with Alex, what has been stolen from Tess, who has stolen it, and what exactly is at stake. Although a suspense novel on the surface, this book is also about relationships and the things people will do for and to their friends. 

“From the very beginning, I loved this book. It was a delight to read. The story drew me in and kept me engaged… Alex is full of one-liners. His sarcasm and wit were conveyed brilliantly… It’s a unique and entertaining plot. The dialogue was my favorite part of the novel… I would recommend this book to fans of mystery, murder, and mayhem… Those who do give it a try are sure to be as hooked as I am on the adventures of Alexander Strange.”

As you would imagine, I’m blown away by this. You are hereby chartered to cut and paste the above paragraphs and email them to everyone you know. Even people you don’t know.

In turn, I will invite you to my next Pulitzer awards ceremony. Fair?

To be thorough, though, I should note that the reviewer also spotted some typos in the version of the manuscript that I sent out for review. Happily, those already have been fixed thanks to an attentive reader who proofed the book on the Twitch Channel Game2Teach.

This is another benefit of print-on-demand printing, which is what my publisher, Tropic Press, uses through Kindle Direct Publishing and IgramSpark. Making fixes is easy and fast. All versions of Florida Man–ebook,  paperback, hardcover–are all now corrected.

But it is also a bit of a lesson learned. The manuscript was thoroughly proofread, but the author, over-caffeinated, decided he should run through it one more time and tweak it. Which he did. All 90,000 words. And that’s where those typos came from.

So, let’s put the blame squarely where it belongs: It’s wasn’t the proofreader’s fault. It was Starbucks.



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