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The Reviews Are In: Critics Love Florida Man

The Strange Files


Critics from Kirkus Reviews and the Online Book Club have weighed in on Florida Man, the second  installment of The Strange Files series (and most recently written):

“Bruce’s prose is consistently crisp and controlled, and the tension between the various characters is genuinely entertaining throughout. A charming and suspenseful page-turner punctuated by dashes of the surreal.”

— Kirkus Reviews

“Florida Man by J.C. Bruce will take you on a pleasant ride. It is full of twists and turns. It is simultaneously mystery and comedy…It’s a unique and entertaining plot. The dialogue was my favorite part of the novel… I would recommend this book to fans of mystery, murder, and mayhem… Those who do give it a try are sure to be as hooked as I am on the adventures of Alexander Strange.”

–Online Book Club

Naturally, reviews like this are terrific news. As an independently published author, it’s a huge challenge getting the word out, so these are very helpful.

You can help, too, if you are so inclined. Here’s the playbook in several easy-to-follow steps:

  1. Buy one of these books. (Or purchase several, dozens even, and give them to your friends. They’ll be eternally grateful.)
  2. Read them.
  3. Go on Goodreads and let other readers (and potential customers) know what you think. Of course, I hope your judgment matches those of the highly skilled, professionally trained, and discerning readers from Kirkus Reviews and Online Book Club, known for their good taste, judgment, and irreproachable knowledge of fine writing and storytelling. 

Wondering where to buy:

You’ll be pleased to know I anticipated that very question. You can see brief summaries of each of the books in The Strange Files series with links on where to order them at:

In order, they are:

The Strange Files

Florida Man: A Story From the Files of Alexander Strange

Get Strange

Strange Currents

You can also keep up with news of the weird by reading Alexander Strange’s weekly Strange Files report. His most recent installment tells the story of the death of a Florida City–the victim of the coronavirus pandemic. Thankfully, the mermaids are safe. You can read it here.

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