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Florida Man Has Made the Finalist List in the Royal Palm Competition

RPLA FinalistI just received some heartening news: Florida Man, my most recent book and the second in the four-book Strange Files series, has made it to the Finalist List in the Royal Palm Literary Award Competition of the Florida Writers Association.

I won’t know until October if the book will receive any further accolades, but it is an honor to make it to the finals in a state with so many outstanding writers.

I wanted to share the news! (And, yes, I think this is an occasion where it’s OK to use an exclamation mark.)

The Strange Files is a four-book series (so far) following the adventures of weird news reporter Alexander Strange who lives aboard a converted fishing trawler in southwest Florida. Florida Man recounts his arrival in the Gunshine State after a brief newspaper career in Arizona, how he got entangled in a blackmail plot, and how in unraveling that mystery he ended up taking a very weird tour of Florida’s most haunted locations. It proved to be an excellent initiation for a newcomer on how strange the Candy Land of crazy can be.

The first book in the series, The Strange Files, finds Alexander at the Phoenix Daily Sun (where he and I met) and how, with the clock ticking, he had to discover why someone would want to assassinate his uncle, Superior Court Judge Leonard D. Strano. In the third and fourth books in the series, Get Strange and Strange Currents, Alex lands in further trouble, in the island town of Goodland and then in Key West.

The fifth book in the series is being written now and I hope it will be available for distribution by year’s-end. Stay tuned.

Complete information on these books and where to order them can be found on my website, and at www.Tropic.Press.



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