Get Strange

Get Strange

Alexander Strange is a writer for Tropic🌀Press where his column, The Strange Files, is a popular feature.

Samples of Alexander’s work can be found in all of the books about his misadventures, including this one, which leads off Get Strange:

Giant Crocodile Devours Burglar

By Alexander Strange


A twenty-foot crocodile “as fast as a horse” killed a burglar in Belle Meade, Florida, dragging him into a nearby swamp, police reported.

Mary Jo Simmons was alone in her double-wide when she heard glass breaking. The 76-year-old retired school teacher grabbed a Louisville Slugger and whacked the burglar’s hand as he reached through the shattered window.

Screaming, the man backed away from the door, police said, but was caught in the jaws of the gigantic reptile.

“Probably should give the croc a medal,” sheriff’s Deputy Clayton Frink told a Belle Meade radio station.

Biologists have other concerns. The creature appears to be a cross-breed of a North American crocodile and an imported Nile croc from Africa.

“Nile crocodiles are far more vicious than our native species,” biologist Annabelle Nott told me. “Unfortunately, they’re mating.”

The population of native crocodiles, once nearly extinct, has rebounded since they found homes in the warm water circulating in the cooling canals of the Turkey Point nuclear power plant in Homestead.

Could radioactive water alter their genetics?

“Uh, we don’t like to talk about that,” Nott said.

STRANGE FACT: A crocodile cannot stick out its tongue.

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